Sunday, May 1, 2011

Holiday Feel

Doesn't this house have a lovely holiday feel? It's so fresh and calming. I can just imagine coming from the beach and wandering into a pint sized house like this. The aqua chairs are the perfect injection of colour with a light shade of aqua followed through in the console table and accessories.

Exciting news....we have decided to move back to Sydney! Yay!!! After two years on the Central Coast we feel it's time to head back to the Northern Beaches where most of our family and friends are based. So the house goes on the market in two weeks time...wish us luck. Then it's the long process of packing, moving, renting, buying and unpacking. Even that doesn't worry me too much as I'm so excited to get back to Sydney.

Enjoy your Sunday - we're busy getting the house ready for sale - so much to do, so little time!



Blue Fruit said...

Such big news! What made you decide to up sticks and move back?
I can imagine the appeal of both places, but the pull of family is always such a strong magnet.

And best of luck with the sale. You have fantastic taste and style, so fingers crossed you have buyers queuing up with fat chequebooks in hand!

Jaye Duckworth said...

What great news - the house will sell so quickly...welcome back to the beaches...the girls will love it.