Monday, May 30, 2011

Beauty of Glass (& in search of help!)

I love glass decanters and glass bottles. The simplicity speaks for itself. The best way to showcase their beauty is to group them together, whether it is the colour - green, blue or clear glass, or the style of bottle that is the unifying factor. They are gorgeous and I love them.

This idea of displaying old photo's in the bottles is gorgeous...not sure how you would get them out though!

I am slowly building up my collection and in our new house will hopefully have a shelf or area to show them off. I love grouping objects together and have become a mini collector in glass bottles, ceramic jugs and vintage mirrors...just need to wait for the new house to display them!


Now on a totally different note, please bare with me and read on, I have been having some annoying problems blogging in the last week. I can't comment on the majority of blogs that I follow and a lot of you can't comment on mine. Here's my problem: (Please excuse my photos of the screen- I just want you to see what's happening and if its happening to any of you)

When I have read a post and go to comment, I type it in as usual, select Google Account and click Post Comment.

I then have to sign into blogger...

I get sent back to my comment for the word verification but my profile name (Em from Faded White Linen) isn't showing, I'm 'Anonymous'. I click
comment ...  

... and then get sent back to sign in to blogger. And here the vicious circle starts...blogger sign in...word verification...blogger sign in... word verification. You get my drift. I can't get past this

The only way for me to comment is if the blog comment format is as shown below, then there is no problem.

I am so frustrated by it all and when I put it out there into the google atmosphere there are others experiencing the same problems but I have yet to find a solution.

So if you have one then please, please help!

I have had a couple of you mention that you can't post a comment on my blog either! So in the meantime if you would like to leave a comment then email me :

I hope this gets sorted out soon as quite frankly it's wearing thin!

Images by me or pinterest



d e l i g h t said...

I've had similar problems plus today can not upload any photographs! I do hope it gets resolved soon!

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

Love all the bottles Em, I picked up a few but have no where to put them. I think they look best en masse! Re blogger, everyone has been having problems. It's not you! Apparently it is fixed now xx

Blue Fruit said...

I adore glass bottles of all shapes and sizes, so loving this post.

It seems a lot of people had the same problem last week. Didn't happen to me (touch wood) but I have read at least a dozen frustrated bloggers who also went nuts with this same issue.

Blogger said...

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