Monday, May 30, 2011

Beauty of Glass (& in search of help!)

I love glass decanters and glass bottles. The simplicity speaks for itself. The best way to showcase their beauty is to group them together, whether it is the colour - green, blue or clear glass, or the style of bottle that is the unifying factor. They are gorgeous and I love them.

This idea of displaying old photo's in the bottles is gorgeous...not sure how you would get them out though!

I am slowly building up my collection and in our new house will hopefully have a shelf or area to show them off. I love grouping objects together and have become a mini collector in glass bottles, ceramic jugs and vintage mirrors...just need to wait for the new house to display them!


Now on a totally different note, please bare with me and read on, I have been having some annoying problems blogging in the last week. I can't comment on the majority of blogs that I follow and a lot of you can't comment on mine. Here's my problem: (Please excuse my photos of the screen- I just want you to see what's happening and if its happening to any of you)

When I have read a post and go to comment, I type it in as usual, select Google Account and click Post Comment.

I then have to sign into blogger...

I get sent back to my comment for the word verification but my profile name (Em from Faded White Linen) isn't showing, I'm 'Anonymous'. I click
comment ...  

... and then get sent back to sign in to blogger. And here the vicious circle starts...blogger sign in...word verification...blogger sign in... word verification. You get my drift. I can't get past this

The only way for me to comment is if the blog comment format is as shown below, then there is no problem.

I am so frustrated by it all and when I put it out there into the google atmosphere there are others experiencing the same problems but I have yet to find a solution.

So if you have one then please, please help!

I have had a couple of you mention that you can't post a comment on my blog either! So in the meantime if you would like to leave a comment then email me :

I hope this gets sorted out soon as quite frankly it's wearing thin!

Images by me or pinterest


Saturday, May 28, 2011

True Story

When I was growing up my mum would tell me that when I got married I should add my surname onto the end of my husband's surname ...forming a double barrell name. She was all for maintaining my own identity.

My maiden name is Gosling.

Within a week of meeting Ant I knew that this was the man I was going to marry and spend the rest of my life with. When I told my mum what his surname was her thoughts of maintaining my individuality went right out the window.

His surname is Duckworth.

Mrs Duckworth - Gosling ... I don't think so!

So Mrs Duckworth it is. Atleast I have flown from one feathered family to another and the beautiful product is two gorgeous girlie ducklings.

We have our open inspection again today, then swimming with the littlies, trip to the hairdressers for me, then to the supermarket. Tomorrow shall be a day a rest! Are you up to anything out of the ordinary this weekend?

(I'm having impossible problems with commenting on others blogs and having comments left on my blog - will explain more in my next post. In the meantime if you'd like to leave a comment then email me on Thanks)
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

White on White

What a treat for me to stumble across this interior when surfing the web.
It has actually been created as a London photo shoot location and when looking closely it lacks the details and personal touches that would normally be found in someone's home.

However, the 24 foot ceilings and 12 foot windows accompanied with the classic distressed furniture provide an incredibly light and airy interior.

 The highlight for me is the beautiful shape of those windows with those shutters adorning them. This type of shutter, slim bifold panels with thin louvres, is very common in the London terraces and mews but less so here. (If anyone knows of a Sydney company that does them then please let me know!)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Girls

I'm back from my trip up to the Gold Coast with my hubby. It's the first time we've been away from the girls for two nights and usually I would have been fine with that. However, a couple of days before we were due to fly, both girls came down with middle ear infections and were sick little puppies for a few days there. I made the decision at the last minute whether to actually go or not as Lani was not very well at all. In the end with the persuasion of hubby and my mother-in-law we headed off to the airport. It was surprisingly hard to leave my little one knowing I couldn't give her the cuddles she needed ... but she was staying in the capable hands of my m-in-law so I needn't have worried one bit.

It was so good for Ant and I to spend some 'us' time together and equally for the girls to spend time with their grandparents. By day three though I missed them terribly and couldn't wait to see their sweet little faces when I walked through the door. (That's my favourite part of dropping off the girls at daycare...the moment when they look up from the activity they are engrossed in and you see their faces light up and they come running over for a big bear hug ... just divine isn't it?)

You have probably guessed by now that I love children's spaces and have another winter project that I would love to get stuck into soon...

This tent is the cutest and I can just picture the girls having a little tea party inside come spring.

Image found here


Sunday, May 22, 2011

One Look is All It Takes

Being an absolute 'cat' fan I find this photo so touching. The compassion the kitty cat is showing such an inanimate object is incredible. There is so much feeling in that one look.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Coming Up With A Compromise

I've come up with a compromise...with myself. On one hand I love the time that I spend blogging, coming up with the idea of what 'tomorrow's post' should be about or finding an image that I just have to share and then putting the post together with a few of my thoughts. On the other hand though I am finding it time consuming...with two such little ones, a four day work week and a hubby who is often away leaving me to hold the fort, blogging is eating too much into my evenings. Sometimes I don't want to have to 'think' at nine at night when I finally get to sit instead of trying to blog everyday it will be every other day. It has to be a pleasure right and one that fits in with your lifestyle, and hopefully this new way will work with mine. 

Anyway, I adore the composition of the image above. The details are perfect. The balance of colour from the wood of the table with the grey placemats and white plates and bowls is mirrored in the chair to the right of the counter. It's a 'busy' interior but because all the colours are subdued it doesn't in any way feel cluttered. The branches above the table with the hanging lanterns and objects give it a winter wonderland feel. And of course the wood panelling is gorgeous.

Hubby and I are off to the Gold Coast tomorrow for two nights....without the girls! It's a work trip for him and I'm able to tag along so I'll have quite a bit of 'me' time! On the way to the airport I'm picking up my brand new i phone 4 so I know exactly what I'll be doing when I'm alone...playing with my new toy! I am so excited.

Have a fabulous weekend


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birdcages Outside

I know the photo is tiny but re sizing it larger just
made it lose focus and I didn't want to lose the quality

This past week the sun has been shining in all her glory. The clear sky at night has made it ever so chilly while sleeping, but by mid morning when the day has started to heat's divine. Wouldn't it be lovely to spend a long lunch at this table in the countryside. I adore the hanging bird cages from the tree and the oversized table cloth.

Have a lovely day wherever you are


Monday, May 16, 2011

Chalkboard Tray

It's quite rare for me to blog about food but I thought this was a lovely use of a chalkboard. I love framed boards and this jumped out at me as a super way of using it. It makes the tea, cheese and condiments look so inviting... and friendly if that makes sense. I would love to sit with a friend this afternoon and have a good 'ol natter over this.

Talking of friends, we had a lovely time over the weekend. Whilst our open house inspection was going on, the girls and I travelled down to Sydney to spend the afternoon with the lovely Ang of Wicker and Stitch. (Always a pleasure to have numerous steaming mugs of tea curled up on her sofa with her x) On we went to my parents-in law who were also minding my two nephews. I always love seeing all the kids get together and play - slightly chaotic but fun none the less!. Then once the girls were counting zzz's it was on to the 40th party of Andy who used to be the head chef of the restaurant where my hubby and I both worked at and fell in love! Do you know in the seven months that I worked there four couples met, fell in love and are now married - something must have been in the water! On Sunday I stopped by to say hello to my Dad and let the girls give big hugs to their 'Gramps' and on the way home I took a pitt stop at the Central Coast Craft it Markets - very small and quaint but there were beautiful products being sold. So by the time we all got home I was ready for a cuppa! I thoroughly enjoyed it though. Off to work now so have a brilliant Monday.

What did you get up to this weekend?


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Welcoming Shed

Isn't this the most gorgeous garden shed. This past two years in our home up here on the Central Coast, I have really gotten into my gardening. It has stunned my parents who are brilliant gardners and have the most picture perfect tiny garden. I see the garden as the extension to the home and should be treated with the same respect.

We have just spent two years excavating and clearing our front and back yard from the jungle that it was to create a blank canvas. I had visions of a cottage garden filled with hedges and flowing flower beds.

That will have to be put on hold until our next property but I can really appreciate the significance of owning a shed like this. I would be forever in my wellies with my bucket and spade. Malia and Lani would love it! I am currently potting up lots of my herbs to shift with us..I love our herb patch and want a part of it to be transported to our new place when that time comes.

I do hope you are spending a lovely Sunday with your friends and family. The girls and I are back from Sydney having had a great overnighter and going to potter around home for the rest of the day.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wall Magic

Happy Weekend!

It's an exciting day for us as it's the first open inspection of our house and it has got me feeling so jittery with nerves and excitement. There is so much resting on the sale of this house...hopes of being back near family and friends...a return to my career ...being back near the beautiful Manly which I fell in love with those ten years ago when I stepped fresh off the plane as a back packer....and so much more. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us x

I love this quirky idea for a wall display in a children's bedroom. So simple and sweet but visually interesting at the same time.

Best be off as have to round up the girls and the cats and do a final tidy up before we are an open house. If I have a minute I'll take some photos to show you my home ... better do it soon as you never know, a buyer might be closer than we think - here's hoping!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Peaceful Place

Morning All.

Do you ever feel
that life is flying by far too quickly,
that you almost can't keep up with it and
that you can't come up for air...
well that's where I'm at for the moment

I know that it's just a phase and in a couple of months it will all seem like a distant blur but for the time being I'm in the thick of it.

So here is a room that would live in my realm of that I can escape to when I need to take a moment to breathe, a second to pause.

Escape there with me today, rest your head on the fluffy pillow, curl your knees up to your chest, close your eyes and just be.

Image found here


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Closet Secret

Our next house is going to be somewhat smaller than we have now so when I stumble across a brilliant space saving idea such as this one I have to ear mark it for possible future reference.

Not only does this hide the overall space of what can be a messy area but also look at the detail - the chair fits under the desk perfectly so it can be shut away too! The decoration of it is so cute too - I would love the wallpaper in Malia's bedroom...Note to Self to hunt around for something like that as a feature wall. The use of space on the doors is brilliant- not one centimetre gone to waste. I really, really like this idea.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Soft Pale Blue and Crisp White

I love this combination. It brings back feelings of relaxation, calm, holidays and happy times. It sounds cliched but when I was pregnant and if I had a boy, I was so excited about decorating with pale blue and crisp white with an injection of red. I didn't have a boy yet I still have a page in my Inspiration File filled with magazine cuttings that is dedicted to a boys scheme.  I've never decorated with this shade of blue in my home but if I had a holiday house by the sea then I would instantly go towards this combination - it screams of summer sunshine.

It's used in such an elegant manner in the above image. The wallpaper is gorgeous and I love how the curtains are in the same pattern so that they blend into the background.

As I mentioned earlier...pale blue and boys just works.

What a stunning door- so intricate and ornate - can you imagine the room it leads into?

I've seen these pom poms used like this before in other colours and I am always drawn to it. It's such a fun quirky thing to do ... I'll take note for one of the girls' room in our future house!

So much is brilliant in this room - the steps up, same level bed height, drawers in the base and the same blue painted on the bed and the ceiling it!

Do you like this combination or is it not your taste?


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Garage Sale Day

We're having a huge garage sale on our front lawn today. I have found it so cleansing going through all our bits with the mentality that if I haven't used it in the past two years then it can be sold. With the iminent move I am not relishing packing up so if there is less 'stuff' then that makes my job easier! I invited four neighbours around us to come and sell their wares on our lawn too so it should be a fun day.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll be back on Monday with another post in my colour combinations series.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Favourite Colour Right Now

I adore this seafoam green - blue colour at the moment. I have it dotted around my house but it is really jumping out at me in these images.

I particulalry love this last one- the cracked plaster on the walls, the ornate windows, spiral iron staircase and extravagant train on the dress all speak to me in the language of perfection. Just Exquisite.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Light, White and Airy

It's set to be a beautiful and sunny for the next couple of days ...well so the weather man says and we all know that he can sometimes get it oh so very wrong.

But putting my trust behind him here is a beautifully light filled room that matches the lightness of outside.

Isn't this teeny tiny house so serene with an enormous air of tranquility - I'd happily float around here!

Enjoy your day


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Childhood Memories of The Tuck Shop

At boarding school we had a place called the Tuck Shop which was basically a sweet shop or confectionary store as they call it in the USA. As youngsters we would get so excited to go and spend our 50p pocket money on whatever sweets we liked... lemon sherberts, milk bottles and liquorice laces and jelly beans are only a few of what would land in the bottom of my paper bag only to be savoured outside on the grass.

I came across this gorgeous shop based in Seattle and thought straight back to my Tuck Shop days. Admittedly Dean Close School Tuck Shop was by no means anywhere near as fancy as this but in our ten year old eyes it was sweetie heaven. 

Imagine being a child and walking into a store like this - your eyes would be as wide as saucers!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dolls Houses

I secretly always wanted girls as my children....and I was very non secretly happy when I did! As you might have probably guessed by now.... I'm a girlie girl - I love pink , I love flowers, I love dresses...I Love prettiness. I don't try and hide - it's just the way I am.

So now I've had my two angels I have all these ideas of what I want to do with them and what I want to be able to give them. One of these things is a dolls house. As a small girl there is nothing more magical than being able to escape into this tiny house with the tiny furniture and the tiny people and let your imagination run wild. Malia and Lani are still far too young but one day I'll get them a dolls house.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Hint From Nature - Yellow & Green

I'm back with my Colour Combinations series - apologies about not doing last Mondays' but what with Easter and the public holidays I missed here I am now.

With all this footage covering the Wedding in London, I noticed the abundance of flowers all over the City in particular yellow flowers and it got me thinking about the use of yellow and green in interiors. It's not a widely used combination but none the less it is one that works...let's take our cue from nature. If it works outside then its going to work inside.

I love the subtlety of the yellow here with the hint of orange as a little zing. The sofa colour is sublime.

 Daffodils - the flower of spring (in Europe anyway!) These bright greens and yellows here have a real joyful effect in a bright and cheery way.

Doesn't this wallpaper give the bedroom a REAL wow factor. Amazing! The flower is so bold and strong in size but also quite subdued and I believe this is achieved in the tone of the yellow and green - it isn't in your face at all.

This bathroom is so warm and welcoming with the buttercup yellow cabinetry and sage green walls.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Holiday Feel

Doesn't this house have a lovely holiday feel? It's so fresh and calming. I can just imagine coming from the beach and wandering into a pint sized house like this. The aqua chairs are the perfect injection of colour with a light shade of aqua followed through in the console table and accessories.

Exciting news....we have decided to move back to Sydney! Yay!!! After two years on the Central Coast we feel it's time to head back to the Northern Beaches where most of our family and friends are based. So the house goes on the market in two weeks time...wish us luck. Then it's the long process of packing, moving, renting, buying and unpacking. Even that doesn't worry me too much as I'm so excited to get back to Sydney.

Enjoy your Sunday - we're busy getting the house ready for sale - so much to do, so little time!