Sunday, May 15, 2011

Welcoming Shed

Isn't this the most gorgeous garden shed. This past two years in our home up here on the Central Coast, I have really gotten into my gardening. It has stunned my parents who are brilliant gardners and have the most picture perfect tiny garden. I see the garden as the extension to the home and should be treated with the same respect.

We have just spent two years excavating and clearing our front and back yard from the jungle that it was to create a blank canvas. I had visions of a cottage garden filled with hedges and flowing flower beds.

That will have to be put on hold until our next property but I can really appreciate the significance of owning a shed like this. I would be forever in my wellies with my bucket and spade. Malia and Lani would love it! I am currently potting up lots of my herbs to shift with us..I love our herb patch and want a part of it to be transported to our new place when that time comes.

I do hope you are spending a lovely Sunday with your friends and family. The girls and I are back from Sydney having had a great overnighter and going to potter around home for the rest of the day.


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Oh to have such a sweet gardening retreat in the yard. I would die for one like this too. Not only to potter and dig, but to also have space for a big wicker chair, sit back with a cuppa and admire the greenery that surrounds. Aaaah! Jacqueline xx