Friday, May 6, 2011

Favourite Colour Right Now

I adore this seafoam green - blue colour at the moment. I have it dotted around my house but it is really jumping out at me in these images.

I particulalry love this last one- the cracked plaster on the walls, the ornate windows, spiral iron staircase and extravagant train on the dress all speak to me in the language of perfection. Just Exquisite.



Blue Fruit said...

My knees wobble when I spy any shade of aqua, from the greeny~blue to the bluey~green, if you know what I mean. Seafoam is one of those hues!
So I am loving this collection, and who wouldn't want to sweep up a staircase like that, in a gown like that?

Angela Steyn said...

Do you know, I can't look at seafoam green without thinking of you!!! It's definitely "your" colour xx

phoenix65 said...

Hi, I love the dress on the spiral staircase. Do you know who the designer is for it because I want one exactly like it! Thanks