Monday, May 9, 2011

Soft Pale Blue and Crisp White

I love this combination. It brings back feelings of relaxation, calm, holidays and happy times. It sounds cliched but when I was pregnant and if I had a boy, I was so excited about decorating with pale blue and crisp white with an injection of red. I didn't have a boy yet I still have a page in my Inspiration File filled with magazine cuttings that is dedicted to a boys scheme.  I've never decorated with this shade of blue in my home but if I had a holiday house by the sea then I would instantly go towards this combination - it screams of summer sunshine.

It's used in such an elegant manner in the above image. The wallpaper is gorgeous and I love how the curtains are in the same pattern so that they blend into the background.

As I mentioned earlier...pale blue and boys just works.

What a stunning door- so intricate and ornate - can you imagine the room it leads into?

I've seen these pom poms used like this before in other colours and I am always drawn to it. It's such a fun quirky thing to do ... I'll take note for one of the girls' room in our future house!

So much is brilliant in this room - the steps up, same level bed height, drawers in the base and the same blue painted on the bed and the ceiling it!

Do you like this combination or is it not your taste?



Blue Fruit said...

The blue mouldings on the door are exquisite!

Angela Steyn said...

DELISH!!! As you know, blue and white are big players in this house!


Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

I think it's a perfect combination. I love the ornate door and the last picture - my boys would love that room! Have a good week x Sharon