Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Website!

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I have launched a new website and blog so please stop on by. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Occasional Happenings

Good afternoon one and all on this beautiful winter's day.
The sun is out and the future looks rosy.

I have to confess that the past month or so I have been a part time blogger at best with the odd occasional forays into the blogasphere. I barely find time to check out others posts and certainly don't comment. So I apologise but I have a good reason though...Moving. They say it is one of the most stressful events to go through in life. Honestly it hasn't been stressful - just time consuming (My own fault really- I'm continuing to work pretty much full time with no time off inbetween the move). We have seven days till the truck arrives and the removalists (my hubby and next door neighbour's son!) start the tough task of shifting our life into storage in Sydney. The house is resembling a storage unit with boxes surrounding us and the once filled walls with frames and paintings now bare.

The next two weeks are big for us - life changing even - I'll finish up my mundane admin job, squeeze everything into storage, move us to the parents, our home will no longer be home just a house once the boxes are moved, I'll start my design job (excited butterflies already) and the girls will start their new daycare. Phew. It'll be an intense two weeks but the thought at being back on the Northern Beaches is overwhelmingly good and makes it all worth while.

So I'll be absent from the blogging world for a month or so whilst I concentrate on the priorities in life which are settling my family into a new life. I'll be back before you know with a grin from ear to ear.

In the meantime here are a selection of images that I stumbled upon and love:


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Indoor Cubby House Fun

Well we are in the throws of packing up our life here on the Central Coast. One moment I am serenely calm about the whole process feeling on top of everything...the next I am in a packing tape flap wondering how it's all going to get done. Of course it will, I have no doubt even if it means shovelling things into unlabelled boxes (this prospect sends shivers down my super organised back...even if I have to work throughout the night all through the week I'll get it done methodically!)

So whilst we were on the cooling off period I got thinking about the winter projects that I had set myself at the beginning of the year and that would now have to wait till next year. However one project sprang to mind - one that I could complete in only a few evenings and above all one that would occupy Malia and Lani during our packing.

I wrote a post about it early on in my blogging days a couple of months back and it always stuck with me as a really cute idea. We had a family lunch at the weekend to celebrate both the girls July birthdays (Lani's was today- happy birthday my sweet angel) so I set it all up for the two blondes to wake up to on Sunday morning and for us to eat our lunch on with our guests. A homemade birthday present for the two twinkles.

 They loved it and took great joy in peeking through the little mesh windows.

I would have liked to have spent more time on it and not run out of the white material (!) but all in all I'm happy with it. A two year old and three year old aren't going to pick up on the wonky seams and sides that don't quite reach the ground.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll be back when I need to come up for air amidst cardboard boxes and newspaper.

Images my own


Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's Celebrate!!!


At last our house has been sold and it is all go in our household. We have just over three weeks to pack up our life on the Central Coast and head down to Sydney, store all our belongings, find a short term rental, start a new daycare and for me to start a new job. (I am beginning to panic at the prospect of the packing...there is SO much to do)

Oh what exciting times ahead. We never thought we would get back to the Northern Beaches when we first moved up here so there is so much joy to be heading back. We love it there and even though we whole heartedly delved into life up here we still really missed it.

Also after three years out of the decorating industry (having my two girls in quick succession and moving up here will do that to your career!)... I am starting back in my old job as an Interior Stylist! Yippee Yay- just to be back in that creative environment surrounded by like minded people makes me get all jittery in my tummy.

So it's time to celebrate before jumping head long into the packing process. Good times ahead for our little family.

Images found via my Faded White Linen Pinterest Board


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Teal Magic

I love the magic of teal...especially in these winter months.

For me its buzz words are:
sophisticated, warm, inviting, sumptuous, enveloping and elegant.

It's rich deep tones used on the walls and wood work teemed with silks, velvet or leather and complemented by copper, orange or vivid pink touches provide an environment that screams gorgeousness!

Enjoy your Sunday

Images found here


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Slipcover Madness

Gosh what a busy week it's been. What with the normal four days at work it was Malia's third birthday on Tuesday so straight after work I scooped up my two chickens and we headed south to Sydney to spend the night at my parents. Malia got spoilt rotten but made me laugh - when asked what her favourite present was she replied that it was Dora...Dora was the wrapping paper - should have just given her a box of wrapping paper!

We also got an offer on the house which we've accepted! Am trying so hard to keep my excitement contained. We're in the cooling off period and there are still a couple of big hurdles to get through before we can pop the cork. So keep all your fingers and toes crossed and all being good in ten days time I'll have to start packing!

Whilst down in Sydney I visited a fabric shop to suss out what material to use for my slip covers I plan to sew for my sofas. Yes you read right- I'm going to have a crack at doing them myself. How hard can it be hey, my sofa's are square armed so it should just be a series of panels right?? Hmmm...I have a feeling it'll be a lot harder than that. To top that off the lady in the store has convinced me that if I am game enough to make the covers then I should do the piping too..HELP! So I'll keep you posted with my progress - first to measure it all up - Step one of my Slip Cover Challenge.

Have a lovely week.

Images via Pinterest


Monday, July 4, 2011

Vintage mirrors

We've all seen this gorgeous image from Atlanta Bartlett's stunning bathroom. I've had this image cut from a magazine in my style file for the past three years. What do I love so much about it...that collection of mirrors. Ever since laying eyes on them I knew that one day I would own a collection like this. And so my obssession began!

Vintage mirrors always work best in a group- they give more impact and tell more of a story. I love thinking about all the faces that have looked into those mirrors over the years.

Well I started off with Malia's mirror for her bedroom- no it's not old, actually it's from ikea but I loved the quirky shape and it suited her bedroom perfectly.

Next I came across Lani's mirror  - removed from a dresser years ago, it has that aged patina that can't be copied realistically.

There are two second hand stores near me up here on the coast - about four hundred metres from eachother and every month or so I take a trip to see what treasure has been dumped by those who think of it as trash. On one such trip I found this little beauty that hangs in the hallway outside the girl's rooms. The shape is beautiful and it has a delicate molding around it. The molding was originally in gold but I re did it in white with hints of aqua. I like the way the detail recedes into the backgound and isn't the main focal point, as it was when gold.

Down in Many is a quirky little store called Neck of The Woods and only six weeks ago I found my next little gem. With an art deco feel this has such a natural beauty in the pink tinged mirror and mottle throughout.

So buoyed with excitement at building my collection I went back to my fave second hand shops at Long Jetty and boy did they deliver. Two mirrors in one trip and for absolute pennies!!! Both with scalloped edges they fit my collection perfectly.

These latest three now live propped up against the wall at the end of my hallway - I couldn't bear to tuck them away into a cupboard. I won't hang them as we are selling but can't wait to display them all together when we buy our new place.

Now that's a whole lot of mirrors for you- thank you for letting me share them with you. Whilst taking the photos of my mirrors I couldn't resist taking one of my sweet little cat, Lola. She was sat basking in the winter sun by the window and made such a pretty she is.

Now if you haven't seen my last post- please have a look at my favourite book of the moment with the most stunning images.

Enjoy the start to your week. xxx

The first three images via my Faded White Linen board on Pinterest and the rest are my own photos.