Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let Us Welcome a Princess

....And what a wedding it was!
Spectacularly beautiful in every conceivable way - Kate was ethreal in her beauty - poised, elegant, demur and dignified. A princess in the making.
Doesn't Britain do pomp and ceremony so very well? What a magical time for everyone to be part of such an important day in history. I was glued from beginning to end and feel a real pride at being British. Let them have a lifetime of happiness.


Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Wedding Day!!!

I am so excited that the big day is finally here for Wills & Kate! The Union Jack is flying high in my household and tonight I am going to be glued to the screen to watch this momentous occasion. I think London would be a magical place to be at the moment- so much joy, magic, anticipation and tradition.
If I can't be there in person then I'll be there in spirit!

I am most looking forward to see Kate's dress - I have no doubt that it will be stunning but here are a couple of images to set our minds imagining a fairytale dress . . .

I can't imagine how nervous Kate would be - it's hard enough on a 'normal' girls special day but imagine having to have your day broadcast to millions of people - my palms would be sweating just about now!


On a less romantic girlie note I thought I would let my patriotic side shine through - in what better way than to post the Union Jack!
I keep being told from those less into the monarchy:

Not to me it's not! I was too young to have watched Diana and Charles' wedding so this is most likely the only chance in my lifetime to see the future King of England wed with all the pomp and ceremony that the British do so well. There is a lot to be excited about I say. 

So tonight you know where I'll be. Are you watching it too??? (Please say yes!)

Images found here


Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Beautiful Dresser

This dresser is picture perfect isn't it?
I love everything about it - it really speaks for itself I think.
All the objects are gorgeous but the very top shelf is amazing- the clock, globe, books - all so beautfully aged.
The Huile d'Olive cloth is a wonderful finishing touch.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Surrounded By Creative Girls

I'm lucky enough to include friends and family as creative types who constantly inspire me and who fortunately for everyone else write great blogs!

Before leaving interior decoration to have my two girls I worked with Bree of A Paddington Perspective fame and Lucy from Indigo Obsession. Bree provided so much guidance in my early days of decoration and it soon became apparent to me that she oozed class, sophistication and exquisite taste which is plain to see in her blog. Check out Lucy's blog for some brilliant cost effective ways to makeover your home and you'll get snippets of her own interior which is one of the most welcoming homes I've been to.

This is Bree's home as featured in Home Beautiful last year 
Amazing hey!

Then we have my sister in law, Simone from Honey and Fizz. Can you imagine how rare that is to find two members (only related by marriage) of a tight knit family who share a passion of creativity and design. Brilliant for me- going to family functions, I always find myself steering towards her to have a good ol' chin wag on just about anything. The majority of you have found me through her post introducing me to blog land or previously showing my interior...but for those of you who have randomly found me then firstly check out Simone's wonderful daily blog but also her facebook page where she sells the best prints for girls, boys and adults alike.

This print is currently in Malia's room and I adore it

Lastly there is Angela from Wicker and Stitch (I also worked with her alongside Bree and Lucy). We first met four years ago and instantly hit it off but it is this last year, post baby phase for me, that our friendship has gone to another level. We share so much in common it makes us laugh - not only in our core values but also general interests which includes everything white, pastel, feminine, painted, vintage and much much more! As I've mentioned in a past post I have a twin brother which is fabulous but being a girls girl I always dreamed of having a sister....and you know what - Ang comes as close as I'll ever get to having that sister. She is kindness personified and is as pure a soul as you can find. Her blog is right up my alley- full of quirky finds, vintage heirlooms and great decoration images and advice. She also has a real talent for photography and for writing.

Photo by Ang

As I said, I feel so lucky to have worked with and be friends with such amazingly talented girls so if you haven't already then head on over to these blogs.

Yesterday I invited my parents up for lunch and decided to set the table with my great grandmothers 100 year old table linen.

(Excuse my photography, a camera is on my wish list for my birthday pressie in September!!). It looked beautiful and set the tone for a lovely relaxed long lunch - perfect for a rainy Anzac Day.

Here is a close up of the hand embroidered table cloth and napkins. Along with the flowers there is the intitial of my mother's maiden name (M for Mericq) on each napkin and the table cloth

The napkins are huge- double what a standard napkin would be now today. The reason for this apparently is because the fashion was long, full dresses and skirts and the cloth of the napkin needed to cover the lap and fall over the knees to protect the clothing.

Enjoy your Tuesday


Friday, April 22, 2011

A visit from the Easter Bunny

To my lovely 32 followers and anyone else who happens upon my blog...I wish you a very Happy Easter Break

Apologies this is a bit late in the day but time has just whizzed by and suddenly the sun is already fading away.

We have a lovely couple of days planned with friends and family in Sydney and up here on the Central Coast - isn't that what this Easter break is all about?

Enjoy yourselves and I'll see you in a couple of days


Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Perfectly Wrapped Present

Another thing I'm telling you about me.

I love wrapping presents. I love buying the paper, matching the ribbon to the paper but also to the gift receiver...and then finding a tag or even making one that will bring the whole present together- like the icing on a cake!

If I could make a business out of wrapping presents for other people I would. The creativity that can go into wrapping is endless. Imagine having this room at your disposal...bliss...

Brilliant idea to use maps - turns it into a non gender specific gift.

The below image has such an organic feel to it with the various materials used in white or neutrals - the pearl and paper rosette is too cute.

These flower wrapped gifts are so feminine and sophisticated. The brown paper 'grounds' the look - if a pastel colour was used it would be too much. (I have to learn how to make fabric roses...If I do I'll let you know how.)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh So Pretty!

Are there some styles that you absolutely love...but couldn't live with?

For me this is one of them.

Looking at an image like this instantly makes me want to put on the prettiest dress and heels that I own and sit at that dressing table to apply my make up and brush my hair.

Of course it's all in my fantasy world as in reality it is just a little too girlie and ornate for my taste.

Putting my personal preferences aside this is a picture perfect, stunning room that I can truly appreciate ... from afar.

Image found here


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Weakness

Let it be known that I have one (of many but lets highlight just one) great weakness .... nutella.


Always have and I am sure always will...
On toast, scones, crackers, icecream, even breadsticks. I have even been known to grab a teaspoon loaded with my hazelnut chocolate heavenly goo and suck away at it like a lollipop.

What naughty weakness would you like to share with me?


Monday, April 18, 2011

Muted Greys and Dusky Pink

Leading on from my red and aquas post last Monday I wanted to continue on with my Colour Combinations Series for the start of the week.

From charcoals to slate to platinum, grey is such a soothing and elegant colour to use in an interior scheme.


Used in conjunction with white rugs, painted floorboards and white curtains, a scheme using grey and white can have the lightest of touches resulting in a bright and airy feel.

There is such a warmth in grey and this can be seen in the slightest variations of the shade as seen in the image of these scarves below.

In the bedroom I adore grey and white bedding- it's so relaxing and would make me want to lie in bed all morning with a cup of tea and a newspaper! If you are using a monochromatic scheme then varying textures in the space will add subtle interest that can draw the eye from one area to the next.

Grey and white can be accented with almost any colour such as ice blue, sunshine yellow or simply black but one of my all time favourite combos is with pink...soft faded dusky pink.

Look at the pink kitchen aid mixer- I so want one!!!x

So lovely and feminine but the grey stops the pink from being sickly sweet.

We used to own a vespa before moving to the central coast and had so much fun on it.
Sadly it was black and not this cutest if pinks

Do you have favourite accent colour with grey and white?


Sunday, April 17, 2011

What An Entrance

I stumbled across this hallway and had to share it with you.

What I love about it:

The muted grey walls
White gloss & dove grey panelling
The impossibly high ceilings
The high gloss floors
The crystal chandelier
Above all...the mirrors

The result:

A beautiful, light filled entrance way that sets the tone
for the rest of the house... relaxed feminine sophistication

One word:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dining Table Cubby House

I love, love, love this idea. What a fabulous little hideaway for the kiddies to play under and hide - why not use an item of furniture that is in every household and turn in into a hideaway place. Brilliant!

I will definitely be getting the sewing machine out and make this for the girls for those rainy winter days when I need to keep them occupied. Watch this space- I'll share with you how I go.

Have a great weekend

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dreaming of Sleep

With two such little ones, a full nights sleep has been an elusive dream for nearly three years now. Just when one is sleeping well right through the night, the other one starts niggling away...and then vice goes on and on. I know they will settle down as they grow up - half the problem is their rooms are right next to eachother and they are always waking eachother up.

In the meantime I will look at this beautiful bedroom and escape to a fantasy of sleeping ten hours straight with my two cats snuggled up beside me. Are you lucky enough to be getting your required beauty sleep?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Bit About Me

I thought that only being new to blog land I should introduce myself properly and tell you A Bit About Myself...

Full name Emma Saskia Duckworth, married to Anthony with two daughters Malia, nearly 3 and Lani, nearly 2!

Where do I start ... well I'm lucky enough to have led and interesting and varied life so far that spans the globe.
I have a French Mother and English Father and have a twin brother who now lives in Maine, USA with his family. We lived an expatriate life in the Phillipines, Hong Kong (twice) and India from when my brother and I were two up until twenty years old. This meant we got to travel the world with my parents and visit countries and places that I dream about going to now adays.

On my honeymoon in Bali
To give us stability from when we were 10 years old my brother and I went to boarding school in the Cotswalds (a divinely beautiful part of England). My heart would tear in pieces at saying goodbye to my parents at the beginning of each term but school taught me to be fiercely independant both emotionally and practically.

With my yummy hubby

From there I studied at Uni in Oxford, trained in interior decoration in London then came backpacking to Australia with my best friend for a gap year...and this is where my Australian life began. I fell head over heels in love with Manly, Sydney and luckily enough my very own Aussie, and knew instantly that this sun burnt country would be my home forever.

Malia & Lani

Seven years on, another decoration course, various jobs in kitchen design, interior styling & colour consulting and one move up to the Central Coast Aussie and I are married with two angels for daughters, Malia & Lani and two tabby cats saved from the animal shelter.

Say cheese!!!

Gosh - it's hard to sum up ones life in only a few sentances but there we have me in a nut shell. A little history behind Em.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beautiful Photography

Sometimes when I view images they are so intensely beautiful it hurts. Like music and the written word, imagery can have a profound effect on ones emotions quite suddenly and unexpectedly...they can bring both joy & sadness, longing & serenity and much, much more.

These two photos are achingly beautiful - the softness, elegance, subtlety and fragility in each shot is breathtaking. The lighting, architecture, hairstyles, jewellery & fabrics are without fault. It goes without saying that the sublime dresses speak for themselves.

Really, really stop & look...if you're lucky you may feel what I'm feeling too.

I hope so.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Strawberry Red & Aqua Blue

Every Monday I thought I would bring to you a post about colour combinations that work. So this is my first one for you.
All these images make me smile - it is such a bright a cheery pairing of two colours- perfect for the beginning of this week.

I love these two colours when the emphasis is on the white background with the red and aqua used in smaller measures. In the image above the red stool, lampshade and bottle are what draws the eye immediately and then the blue of the wallpaper and objects on the shelves jump out.

The wallpaper and tiles look like they are straight out of a Cath Kidstone advert (she's a fabulous English designer famous for her flowery prints...I'll do a post on her sometime soon) Such a pretty toilet! 

Being a white and pastels devotee this combination is too bright for my own interior but I appreciate the magic that happens when these two colours are used together.

What a great idea for the wall behind the cot- scapbook card...simple and cost effective! I adore the cot- I would love this for my little girl Lani - she would look so cute in it.

A bit of quirkiness for the start of the week.

My Birthday Boy

It's my gorgeous husband, Anthony's birthday today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my lovely one.

Never a truer word could be said.

He's the most patient, caring, articulate man that I know and deserves a magical day.

Love you!