Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Surrounded By Creative Girls

I'm lucky enough to include friends and family as creative types who constantly inspire me and who fortunately for everyone else write great blogs!

Before leaving interior decoration to have my two girls I worked with Bree of A Paddington Perspective fame and Lucy from Indigo Obsession. Bree provided so much guidance in my early days of decoration and it soon became apparent to me that she oozed class, sophistication and exquisite taste which is plain to see in her blog. Check out Lucy's blog for some brilliant cost effective ways to makeover your home and you'll get snippets of her own interior which is one of the most welcoming homes I've been to.

This is Bree's home as featured in Home Beautiful last year 
Amazing hey!

Then we have my sister in law, Simone from Honey and Fizz. Can you imagine how rare that is to find two members (only related by marriage) of a tight knit family who share a passion of creativity and design. Brilliant for me- going to family functions, I always find myself steering towards her to have a good ol' chin wag on just about anything. The majority of you have found me through her post introducing me to blog land or previously showing my interior...but for those of you who have randomly found me then firstly check out Simone's wonderful daily blog but also her facebook page where she sells the best prints for girls, boys and adults alike.

This print is currently in Malia's room and I adore it

Lastly there is Angela from Wicker and Stitch (I also worked with her alongside Bree and Lucy). We first met four years ago and instantly hit it off but it is this last year, post baby phase for me, that our friendship has gone to another level. We share so much in common it makes us laugh - not only in our core values but also general interests which includes everything white, pastel, feminine, painted, vintage and much much more! As I've mentioned in a past post I have a twin brother which is fabulous but being a girls girl I always dreamed of having a sister....and you know what - Ang comes as close as I'll ever get to having that sister. She is kindness personified and is as pure a soul as you can find. Her blog is right up my alley- full of quirky finds, vintage heirlooms and great decoration images and advice. She also has a real talent for photography and for writing.

Photo by Ang

As I said, I feel so lucky to have worked with and be friends with such amazingly talented girls so if you haven't already then head on over to these blogs.

Yesterday I invited my parents up for lunch and decided to set the table with my great grandmothers 100 year old table linen.

(Excuse my photography, a camera is on my wish list for my birthday pressie in September!!). It looked beautiful and set the tone for a lovely relaxed long lunch - perfect for a rainy Anzac Day.

Here is a close up of the hand embroidered table cloth and napkins. Along with the flowers there is the intitial of my mother's maiden name (M for Mericq) on each napkin and the table cloth

The napkins are huge- double what a standard napkin would be now today. The reason for this apparently is because the fashion was long, full dresses and skirts and the cloth of the napkin needed to cover the lap and fall over the knees to protect the clothing.

Enjoy your Tuesday




Wow, thanks for sharing Emma. Those blogs you recommended are great! I just love those prints and your Easter table looks so inviting. Hope you had a lovely day. Jacqueline xx

Simone said...

Thanks for the Blog Love Em! Love the table setting xx

Kellie Collis said...

What a gorgeous meal! Love the shabby chicness to it! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

Jane said...

Ah, Emma, I'm so tickled to find you and sweet Ang are such good buddies. She is an absolute treasure. As are those family heirlooms! Oh my stars, they're precious. J x

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oooh, these look like awesome blog recommendations. I'm off to have a nose right now!!! Thank you, Emma.

And your table looks BEAUTIFUL!! What lovely, lovely table linen.


Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

Your table looks gorgeous and thanks for sharing some new blogs to visit. It is a cold wet day day in South Africa so is the perfect time to have some intensive blog therapy!

Angela Steyn said...

Oh Em, I'm sitting here in my PJ's watching my snotty nosed little boy and crying! You are the sweetest angel... thank you so much for including me in your lovely post. Busy seeing a client today (yay) but will call you tonight.

Lots of love xxx

Bree Oliver said...

Thanks for the kind words Em. One of the things I love about our industry is the sharing of knowledge. I think it's really important for designers to inspire and be inspired by others. I feel like it is a constant learning process for all of us.