Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Naturalness of Jute

I love the beauty of jute twine.
The beauty of it's raw nature.
How tactile it is to touch.

I love how these balls of twine have been used in decoration...have a look...

On a different and totally random note I've just been to the cinema with a girl friend of mine up here on the Coast to see the film Bridesmaids...now I thought it was going to be some silly rom com chick flick...oh how wrong...it is hilarious - if you want a real laugh then go and see it!!

Images found via Pinterest


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Snapshots of Prettiness

To compliment the beautifully sunny weekend we have just experienced here are a handful of sweet and pretty images that bring warmth to the soul. When sitting outside with the warm rays caressing your skin, it's as if it were already spring and thoughts of flowering plants are in abundance. (That is until the winter chill hits again at 4 o'clock and a hot chocolate inside beckons!)


Friday, June 24, 2011

Perfect Vignettes

I love coming across gorgeous vignettes.
Perfectly formed in their whimsical ways but each one telling their own story.

Here are a handful for you.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Four Reasons

Four reasons why this room works

1. Mix of Old and New
The two white Barcelona chairs & coffee table against the Louis chair, console table and ornate frames

2. Combination of Textures
White leather Barcelona's, softer fabric on Louis chair and the tan hide on the chair to the left of the image

3. Use of Dark and Light
White walls and ceiling, bright and airy with the heavier tones of the gold gilt mirrors, tan hide chair and leather bound books

4. Balance of Objects in the Space
No area is cluttered but there feels like there is enough going on in this room to maintain interest.

I hope you love this room as much as I do. Tell me why if I haven't already covered it.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

The girl's rooms

Good Morning everyone, and a happy Monday to you too. We all had such a lovely weekend together with some good family time but also a funfilled neighbourhood bash (5 to 7 households get together for dinner- lots of laughter and heaps of fun with 11 kids running around- the girls love it everytime)

A couple of posts ago I wrote about how I loved mixing patterns together especially in the little ones rooms. I have taken some iphone photos (so excuse the basicness...if that's even a word?!...of them). To get more of an idea of what Malia and Lani's rooms are like visit the post my sister-in-law Simone of Honey and Fizz's fame wrote showing my house and the girls bedrooms before Christmas.

Malia's room is predominantly aqua, pink and white. If you jump to Honey and Fizz's post you'll see a beautiful shelving unit in her bedroom, that I bought at one of my favourite stores, Doug Up On Bourke in Sydney. It was initially a shoe rack in a horrid orange colour but the owner of D. Up On B. painted and distressed it for me. When I saw the aqua I knew her whole room colour scheme would stem off this.

A couple of months after buying the shelving unit I saw this quilt set and cushions in the blue mountains and couldn't get them home quick enough. I love the dirty muted tones in the set. They look a hundred years old.

The quilted cushion in the middle is a Bed Bath n Table purchase and the pale blue sheet with pink roses is Best and Less of all places. To me it shouts Cath Kidstone.

I made the artwork for Malia's room over two years ago and the butterflies appear to be floating across her wall. It's really whisical and she loves pretending the butterflies are floating around her room.

Lani's bedroom on the other hand is soft green, pink and white. It's such a lovely combination and I have been lucky enough to find the perfect quilt and sheet sets for her too. It takes some time to build up the sheets, doona covers and quilts but I always have my eye open. I haven't shown it here but I spotted this weekend at Spotlight the perfect doona cover in a flowery pattern with pinks and greens - she's still a year away from getting into a bed that will need such a cover but hey, when you see the perfect one you may aswell lap it up while you can (my philosophy anyway!)

I found the sheets at Woolworths of all places and the quilt cover and pillowcover at My Home. Lani is still in a cot but likes to use her pillow - the quilt will be used when she transferes to a single bed but I have it hanging over the end of her cot as it's such a pretty way of adding the perfect colours to her room.

I also made this artwork for her with flowers made in a multitude of papers and cards.

I love decorating their rooms - when we moved here they were the first rooms to be finished off. When we move I'll replace the artwork with some frames and hunt down some wall decals. Lots of thoughts running through my head and I am constantly seeing images that inspire me.

Photos taken by me.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birdcage Fascination

Morning all.

At the moment I have a real liking of birdcages.  I blogged about a beautiful outdoor setting with them as a feature here. I don't like the idea of keeping real birds trapped inside them but as a purely aesthetic feature I think they are great!

I see them everywhere at the moment and think that one day a birdcage might just find it's way into my home. (Or garden- I have seen old tatty wooden cages amid flower beds with pretty flowers poking through the cage
- such a cute idea. Will take note for my future cottage garden)

Here's an assortment of pretty cages- all of which I would have!

I adore the whimsy when looking at these objects and won't tire of them any time soon!

Stay warm on this wet and blustery day.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011


I was so excited to see this little board on Tumblr.
You see this is the phrase that I tell my girls everynight when I tuck them up in bed before turning off the light.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Mixing Up Patterns

I love pretty floral, patterned fabrics teemed with white. I am in the process of buying bed linen for the girls. Malia will soon transition into a single bed and I am loving mixing soft different patterned fabrics together - gives it a lovely cottagy feel

These pics give me great food for thought.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lace loveliness

Some images just make me smile.
These are just some of them.
I am a details kind of girl.
The details are perfect here.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Laundry Gorgeousness!

Good morning all on this beautiful Monday.

I spent a lot of of time in my laundry this weekend and if it looked like this I would willingly spend a whole lot more!

White painted floor boards
Shaker style cabinet doors
Large enamel sink
Ornate tapware
Subway Tiles
Enamel Jug
All the beautiful 'bits'..........

The list goes on for what I love about this little area.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Good morning everyone. I just wanted to wish you the happiest of weekends whether you're doing an array of interesting activities or simply relaxing with your friends and family.

After a busy week at work the house has started to look like a bomb site. Amazing isn't it that when I'm out of the house for four days a week at work and the girls are at daycare, the house still gets untidy! I have to be honest though that quite often at the end of the day I have no motivation to pack all the toys away as neatly as I would like to... then in the morning it's always a mad rush to get out the door by seven. It's not the end of the world though. I just spend Saturday mornings whizzing around like a whirlwind straightening things up before the open inspection.

I do find toys in the funniest of places... this morning I found Malia's baby doll in the microwave and when I asked her why her baby was in there her response was: "But to make her nice and warm like when my dinner comes out the oven"! Thank goodness she doesn't know how to switch it on...yet! I love the logic of a three year old. I recently got an iphone so whilst playing with instagram here's a picture of Malia and Lani. (They don't call these phones time wasters for nothing hey! Loving the vintage effects)

I love this sign below - it'll probably end up on my to do list sometime soon!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heavenly White

With the prospect of owning a new home in the next six months or so (firstly have to sell the current one!) I am trying to whittle down what style I want to decorate my house with. I have to take into account the style of property it is and how I can incorporate my existing furniture and furnishings...budget will be tight so we have to work with what we've got.

At the moment our home is a mix of beachy / french / vintage. I am definitely leaning towards the french / vintage for our next home. The main points for a home like this are...white, distressed furniture, painted white floor boards, vintage finds, linen, time worn objects, black and white photo's and a white & greige palette...I love the sound of that.

Hubby will be happy as to veer into this style all I need to do is visit some second hand markets and pick up bits and pieces from there - he can't complain about that!

Here are some images that encompass what I'd love to achieve.

Isn't it just gorgeous? So soothing and welcoming, with a certain charm. It takes a lot of restrain to decorate with a white on white palette but at the end of the day if you get bored then it is easy to add some colour highlights later down the track.


PS. Still unable to comment on others blogs...frustrated to say the least...blogspot sort it out!