Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birdcage Fascination

Morning all.

At the moment I have a real liking of birdcages.  I blogged about a beautiful outdoor setting with them as a feature here. I don't like the idea of keeping real birds trapped inside them but as a purely aesthetic feature I think they are great!

I see them everywhere at the moment and think that one day a birdcage might just find it's way into my home. (Or garden- I have seen old tatty wooden cages amid flower beds with pretty flowers poking through the cage
- such a cute idea. Will take note for my future cottage garden)

Here's an assortment of pretty cages- all of which I would have!

I adore the whimsy when looking at these objects and won't tire of them any time soon!

Stay warm on this wet and blustery day.

Images found via pinterest



Blue Fruit said...

I love old birdcages too, but only when they don't have poor birds stuck inside them. Beautiful, as you say, with plants inside them, or candles.

Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

All I can say is ... great minds think alike! See my recent post! x Sharon

Melissa said...

LOOOOVE these- gorgeous!

melissa x

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi gorgeous,

I really like these images you've shown. I'm so sad that we don't live closer. We have such similar taste. It would be lovely to have a friend to chat through decisions with.


Tara said...

I have a couple of old cages and like you love the look..xx