Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let Us Welcome a Princess

....And what a wedding it was!
Spectacularly beautiful in every conceivable way - Kate was ethreal in her beauty - poised, elegant, demur and dignified. A princess in the making.
Doesn't Britain do pomp and ceremony so very well? What a magical time for everyone to be part of such an important day in history. I was glued from beginning to end and feel a real pride at being British. Let them have a lifetime of happiness.



Simone - honeyandfizz said...

It was beautiful! They both looked so happy and how amazing would it have been to be part of the crowd? It looked like a fantastic place to be! Xx

Em from Faded White Linen said...

Thank you Simone for being an Aussie and appreciating it still! I've already seen on facebook people who just don't get the tradition of it! I thought it was spectacular and her dress was a perfect mix of old school lace with clean lines on the bottom. Can't stop watching the footage of it! x