Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Wedding Day!!!

I am so excited that the big day is finally here for Wills & Kate! The Union Jack is flying high in my household and tonight I am going to be glued to the screen to watch this momentous occasion. I think London would be a magical place to be at the moment- so much joy, magic, anticipation and tradition.
If I can't be there in person then I'll be there in spirit!

I am most looking forward to see Kate's dress - I have no doubt that it will be stunning but here are a couple of images to set our minds imagining a fairytale dress . . .

I can't imagine how nervous Kate would be - it's hard enough on a 'normal' girls special day but imagine having to have your day broadcast to millions of people - my palms would be sweating just about now!


On a less romantic girlie note I thought I would let my patriotic side shine through - in what better way than to post the Union Jack!
I keep being told from those less into the monarchy:

Not to me it's not! I was too young to have watched Diana and Charles' wedding so this is most likely the only chance in my lifetime to see the future King of England wed with all the pomp and ceremony that the British do so well. There is a lot to be excited about I say. 

So tonight you know where I'll be. Are you watching it too??? (Please say yes!)

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