Monday, April 18, 2011

Muted Greys and Dusky Pink

Leading on from my red and aquas post last Monday I wanted to continue on with my Colour Combinations Series for the start of the week.

From charcoals to slate to platinum, grey is such a soothing and elegant colour to use in an interior scheme.


Used in conjunction with white rugs, painted floorboards and white curtains, a scheme using grey and white can have the lightest of touches resulting in a bright and airy feel.

There is such a warmth in grey and this can be seen in the slightest variations of the shade as seen in the image of these scarves below.

In the bedroom I adore grey and white bedding- it's so relaxing and would make me want to lie in bed all morning with a cup of tea and a newspaper! If you are using a monochromatic scheme then varying textures in the space will add subtle interest that can draw the eye from one area to the next.

Grey and white can be accented with almost any colour such as ice blue, sunshine yellow or simply black but one of my all time favourite combos is with pink...soft faded dusky pink.

Look at the pink kitchen aid mixer- I so want one!!!x

So lovely and feminine but the grey stops the pink from being sickly sweet.

We used to own a vespa before moving to the central coast and had so much fun on it.
Sadly it was black and not this cutest if pinks

Do you have favourite accent colour with grey and white?



Angela Steyn said...

That necklace is gorgeous!!! A great colour combination...


Wendy Paula said...

Beautiful colour combinations lovely gentle and soothing.
So happy to have found your lovely blog:)

Jane said...

Hi Emma Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog today. Hmm, grey and ice blue is my preference. What pretty photos, you clever girl. J x

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Yes, yes, yes!! I love the greys. I think it looks so pretty with pink...but I haven't really gone down the pink route with our home. But the grey? Yup!!!


Melissa said...

gorgeous grey and white...these two are almost my wardrobe staple colours also!
i think i have about 15 grey cardigans- all different of course!! ;)

love these with a little turquoise or pink...yep i have cushions and scarves in both...
gorgeous pickies...

melissa x