Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Imaginative Girlie Bedroom

What a beautiful bedroom for a little girl to grow up in.

Not only is it imaginative but also a great use of space.
The decals and patterned materials used are so cute.

It's light, bright and fresh but the mid to dark tone timber of the desk and chair grounds the scheme to prevent it from being too airy fairy.
 I love the painted pink floor- an unusual option that really works.

My favourite part of the decoration though is the ladder - the use of worn distressed wood leading up to the painted panelling of the bed above is gorgeous. It's so tactile and inviting and there is no better combination than paint, particularly pink paint and wood hey!



Angela Steyn said...

Miss Emma, this is heavenly! What a gorgeous, gorgeous room to begin your beautiful blog! I love it.

Ang xxxxx

Simone said...

Love those gorgeous floors Emma! Project perhaps? xx

laura said...

Hi, new to your blog! I am loving everything!! Hope to read more of your posts now!!
Laura x

Em said...

Thanks ladies - maybe one day Simone you'll come up for lunch and my floorboards will suddenly be painted! I knew you would love this bedroom Ang x Welcome Laura- I'm only new at this but hopefully you will love plenty more of my posts