Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Bit About Me

I thought that only being new to blog land I should introduce myself properly and tell you A Bit About Myself...

Full name Emma Saskia Duckworth, married to Anthony with two daughters Malia, nearly 3 and Lani, nearly 2!

Where do I start ... well I'm lucky enough to have led and interesting and varied life so far that spans the globe.
I have a French Mother and English Father and have a twin brother who now lives in Maine, USA with his family. We lived an expatriate life in the Phillipines, Hong Kong (twice) and India from when my brother and I were two up until twenty years old. This meant we got to travel the world with my parents and visit countries and places that I dream about going to now adays.

On my honeymoon in Bali
To give us stability from when we were 10 years old my brother and I went to boarding school in the Cotswalds (a divinely beautiful part of England). My heart would tear in pieces at saying goodbye to my parents at the beginning of each term but school taught me to be fiercely independant both emotionally and practically.

With my yummy hubby

From there I studied at Uni in Oxford, trained in interior decoration in London then came backpacking to Australia with my best friend for a gap year...and this is where my Australian life began. I fell head over heels in love with Manly, Sydney and luckily enough my very own Aussie, and knew instantly that this sun burnt country would be my home forever.

Malia & Lani

Seven years on, another decoration course, various jobs in kitchen design, interior styling & colour consulting and one move up to the Central Coast Aussie and I are married with two angels for daughters, Malia & Lani and two tabby cats saved from the animal shelter.

Say cheese!!!

Gosh - it's hard to sum up ones life in only a few sentances but there we have me in a nut shell. A little history behind Em.



Thea said...

Nice to meet you Emma. Your blog looks lovely so far. x

Angela Steyn said...

I didn't know you went to uni in Oxford... how posh darling!!! Loved this post and loved the photos... the last one is especially gorgeous.

Ang xx

McCarthy Designs said...

It was so lovely of you to share a bit more about yourself Emma. I have been amazed at the friendships that I have developed through blogging and I am sure you will do the same. xx

Kellie Collis said...

Gorgeous family! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

Alexis said...

Great summary, and sounds like your own fairytale. Your family is beautiful, and I look forward to reading about your experiences!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oh, Emma, I'm so frustrated that you don't live over here now. I live about 10 miles from Oxford! We could meet up for coffee! Hmmmph. But I'm SO pleased that you've found your own special place. Your girls are SOOOOOOO sweet!! That photo of you with them on your lap is adorable!

I'm so enjoying your lovely blog. So glad I found it!


Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

You have definitely lived an out of the ordinary life so far - how wonderful to have all that global exposure. My husband is from the UK but also lived in India for a few years as a child. Have a lovely week. x Sharon