Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Angel Wings

Isn't there something inexplicably magical about angel wings?

Isn't it comforting to believe that...?

Isn't it lovely to know that our children are each an angel in their own right?

Isn't it amazing how a collection of angel wings can be the perfect finishing touch to a simple but stunning room?

Isn't it wonderful to have angels at your dining table?

Happy believeing



jaye.duckworth said...

I agree Ems - each one is an angel and everytime I see one, my heart misses a beat. Well done on your new it..

Cheerios and Tuberose said...

I adore you blog. You are so creative and so fabulous. I am officially a follower! :) xoxo

Cheerios and Tuberose said...

I meant "your".....oops! :)

Em said...

Thanks Jaye and Tess- only a couple of days in and I am hooked! Lots more lovely posts to come- it's so enjoyable sharing ones passion xx