Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Perfectly Wrapped Present

Another thing I'm telling you about me.

I love wrapping presents. I love buying the paper, matching the ribbon to the paper but also to the gift receiver...and then finding a tag or even making one that will bring the whole present together- like the icing on a cake!

If I could make a business out of wrapping presents for other people I would. The creativity that can go into wrapping is endless. Imagine having this room at your disposal...bliss...

Brilliant idea to use maps - turns it into a non gender specific gift.

The below image has such an organic feel to it with the various materials used in white or neutrals - the pearl and paper rosette is too cute.

These flower wrapped gifts are so feminine and sophisticated. The brown paper 'grounds' the look - if a pastel colour was used it would be too much. (I have to learn how to make fabric roses...If I do I'll let you know how.)



Wendy Paula said...

Creative gift wrapping is so delightful, I love to receive a beautifully wrapped package:)
Thank you for the lovely post!

Blue Fruit said...

Ooh yes, I'm with you! I have more fun wrapping up presents than I do actually finding the gift itself!

Well then, maybe you could make a living from it. Have you come across the clever ex~interior designer in Canada, Sande Chase, who does exactly that? Her blog is

Especially love your last image ~ so romantic and pretty.

McCarthy Designs said...

Gorgeous photos Em, I love wrapping gifts but generally find that I run out of time to be so creative. xx

Em from Faded White Linen said...

Thanks for the link Virginia - I had a lookmat Sande's website- very interesting - my favourite is that last one too.
And yes Nellie- it is time consuming- I wrap simply for kids as they don't appreciate the effort and sometimes I don't have time to go the extra mile! x

Angela Steyn said...

Yep, I can vouch for the fact that you're an A class wrapper! Maybe we can just give each other bricks in pretty wrapping from now on... that way we can keep them always looking beautiful! xx

Unknown said...

Beautiful gift wrapper.

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