Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's Celebrate!!!


At last our house has been sold and it is all go in our household. We have just over three weeks to pack up our life on the Central Coast and head down to Sydney, store all our belongings, find a short term rental, start a new daycare and for me to start a new job. (I am beginning to panic at the prospect of the packing...there is SO much to do)

Oh what exciting times ahead. We never thought we would get back to the Northern Beaches when we first moved up here so there is so much joy to be heading back. We love it there and even though we whole heartedly delved into life up here we still really missed it.

Also after three years out of the decorating industry (having my two girls in quick succession and moving up here will do that to your career!)... I am starting back in my old job as an Interior Stylist! Yippee Yay- just to be back in that creative environment surrounded by like minded people makes me get all jittery in my tummy.

So it's time to celebrate before jumping head long into the packing process. Good times ahead for our little family.

Images found via my Faded White Linen Pinterest Board



Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

I'm happy things have turned out so well for you and best of luck with all the packing and moving! x Sharon

Bree Oliver said...

Emma I am so happy for you, we can't wait to see more of you now!

Ruby and Belle said...

Congratulations on your move.
I am from the northern beaches in Sydney living in Brisbane and felt a pang of homesickness to hear you are going back there to live.
I just found your blog and your beautiful images have re inspired me. As I sit in my lovely new house that is still being painted, slowly, I feel motivated to get back into it and finish creating the amazing space we have.
Good luck on your move and look forward to seeing more.

Angela Steyn said...

Emma.... there are no words for the level of my excitement! Soon I will get to see you WHENEVER I want - HOORAY for me! It is just such a brilliant time for you right now... so much to be happy about :)


Lucy Upton said...

Hooray!!!! Will be so lovely to have you back at work - and here's hoping a new home for you all comes along quickly!! xx

Blue Fruit said...

Brilliant work - congratulations!

So much excitement lays ahead of you on this next fabulous adventure. Yay!