Saturday, July 2, 2011

Favourite Book

 I am so last my new book has arrived via German Amazon...yes you read right....that's German Amazon - all ordered in a language I cannot understand one little bit. French I can do having French blood ... Italian and Spanish I can wing as there are a couple of similarities with French....but clue! Luckily the sales process is identical to that of Australia and so two weeks after ordering, this little slice of heaven finally landed all the way on my doorstep yesterday.

Now the book:

Belle Blanc is by Mirjana Schnepf of Belle Blanc blog and Bianca Aurich of White Living blog and they have just published this stunning book at the end of last year. It is in German but let me tell you, that shouldn't stop you from buying it. Filled front to back with all white interiors, slip covered sofa's, to die for vintage homewares, tips in what flowers suit this style and even some recipes! These girls have impeccable taste and this is plain to see in this book.

 There are a myriad of images that more than compensate for the writing that can't be understood. Yes I wish I could read all the wisdom that Mirjana and Bianca impart in the book but at the same time the images speak a thousand words.

I love it - Every single image is right up my alley - exactly how I would love my perfect home to are a couple of photos that I have taken of the book just to give you an idea of what it is all about.

I very much heart it!!! Enjoy your weekend...I'm off to escape into my slice of heaven.

On Monday I'll share with you three new vintage mirrors that I've stumbled across in the past month and have somehow made their way into my home!

Photos of opened book my own



Simone - honeyandfizz said...

Looks gorgeous Em! Will have a peek when I come up xx

Jane said...

aaah. how comforting to see those beautiful pictures. I'm sure you will treasure that book. Jane x

Bree Oliver said...

Looks fab, I might have to borrow it one day.

Angela Steyn said...

Ahhhh, looks incredible!!! I can't wait to have a peek when we visit xxxxx