Thursday, May 26, 2011

White on White

What a treat for me to stumble across this interior when surfing the web.
It has actually been created as a London photo shoot location and when looking closely it lacks the details and personal touches that would normally be found in someone's home.

However, the 24 foot ceilings and 12 foot windows accompanied with the classic distressed furniture provide an incredibly light and airy interior.

 The highlight for me is the beautiful shape of those windows with those shutters adorning them. This type of shutter, slim bifold panels with thin louvres, is very common in the London terraces and mews but less so here. (If anyone knows of a Sydney company that does them then please let me know!)



Wendy Paula said...

What gorgeous images, those windows are stunning!
There are places in Sydney where you can by architectural items saved from old houses.
One I love is Chippendale in Rozelle.
You may be lucky and find something similar that just needs a coat of paint:)

Angela Steyn said...

Oh Em, these images are totally divine! I could pack up and move in there tomorrow! X

Zane Wooder said...

I didn't think a totally white house could look so good but I guess I was wrong.