Monday, May 16, 2011

Chalkboard Tray

It's quite rare for me to blog about food but I thought this was a lovely use of a chalkboard. I love framed boards and this jumped out at me as a super way of using it. It makes the tea, cheese and condiments look so inviting... and friendly if that makes sense. I would love to sit with a friend this afternoon and have a good 'ol natter over this.

Talking of friends, we had a lovely time over the weekend. Whilst our open house inspection was going on, the girls and I travelled down to Sydney to spend the afternoon with the lovely Ang of Wicker and Stitch. (Always a pleasure to have numerous steaming mugs of tea curled up on her sofa with her x) On we went to my parents-in law who were also minding my two nephews. I always love seeing all the kids get together and play - slightly chaotic but fun none the less!. Then once the girls were counting zzz's it was on to the 40th party of Andy who used to be the head chef of the restaurant where my hubby and I both worked at and fell in love! Do you know in the seven months that I worked there four couples met, fell in love and are now married - something must have been in the water! On Sunday I stopped by to say hello to my Dad and let the girls give big hugs to their 'Gramps' and on the way home I took a pitt stop at the Central Coast Craft it Markets - very small and quaint but there were beautiful products being sold. So by the time we all got home I was ready for a cuppa! I thoroughly enjoyed it though. Off to work now so have a brilliant Monday.

What did you get up to this weekend?


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Angela Steyn said...

It was SO lovely to see you!!!! Gosh, that tray is cool... loving it!