Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wall Magic

Happy Weekend!

It's an exciting day for us as it's the first open inspection of our house and it has got me feeling so jittery with nerves and excitement. There is so much resting on the sale of this house...hopes of being back near family and friends...a return to my career ...being back near the beautiful Manly which I fell in love with those ten years ago when I stepped fresh off the plane as a back packer....and so much more. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us x

I love this quirky idea for a wall display in a children's bedroom. So simple and sweet but visually interesting at the same time.

Best be off as have to round up the girls and the cats and do a final tidy up before we are an open house. If I have a minute I'll take some photos to show you my home ... better do it soon as you never know, a buyer might be closer than we think - here's hoping!



Simone - honeyandfizz said...

Good luck Em! Hope it all goes perfectly and there is a buyer very close xx

Blue Fruit said...

Oh Emma I have my fingers and toes crossed that a fabulously wealthy buyer comes along and falls in love with your house!

Do post the photos, or at least a link to the real estate listing, so we can all admire your cleverness.

Virginia x

Samantha said...

Good Luck, hope all goes well. Enjoy your weekend.

Angela Steyn said...

Fingers crossed Em! Gorgeous image - what a great idea!

Ang x

Bree Oliver said...

Emma sending lots of positive vibes your way!