Friday, May 20, 2011

Coming Up With A Compromise

I've come up with a compromise...with myself. On one hand I love the time that I spend blogging, coming up with the idea of what 'tomorrow's post' should be about or finding an image that I just have to share and then putting the post together with a few of my thoughts. On the other hand though I am finding it time consuming...with two such little ones, a four day work week and a hubby who is often away leaving me to hold the fort, blogging is eating too much into my evenings. Sometimes I don't want to have to 'think' at nine at night when I finally get to sit instead of trying to blog everyday it will be every other day. It has to be a pleasure right and one that fits in with your lifestyle, and hopefully this new way will work with mine. 

Anyway, I adore the composition of the image above. The details are perfect. The balance of colour from the wood of the table with the grey placemats and white plates and bowls is mirrored in the chair to the right of the counter. It's a 'busy' interior but because all the colours are subdued it doesn't in any way feel cluttered. The branches above the table with the hanging lanterns and objects give it a winter wonderland feel. And of course the wood panelling is gorgeous.

Hubby and I are off to the Gold Coast tomorrow for two nights....without the girls! It's a work trip for him and I'm able to tag along so I'll have quite a bit of 'me' time! On the way to the airport I'm picking up my brand new i phone 4 so I know exactly what I'll be doing when I'm alone...playing with my new toy! I am so excited.

Have a fabulous weekend


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