Monday, July 4, 2011

Vintage mirrors

We've all seen this gorgeous image from Atlanta Bartlett's stunning bathroom. I've had this image cut from a magazine in my style file for the past three years. What do I love so much about it...that collection of mirrors. Ever since laying eyes on them I knew that one day I would own a collection like this. And so my obssession began!

Vintage mirrors always work best in a group- they give more impact and tell more of a story. I love thinking about all the faces that have looked into those mirrors over the years.

Well I started off with Malia's mirror for her bedroom- no it's not old, actually it's from ikea but I loved the quirky shape and it suited her bedroom perfectly.

Next I came across Lani's mirror  - removed from a dresser years ago, it has that aged patina that can't be copied realistically.

There are two second hand stores near me up here on the coast - about four hundred metres from eachother and every month or so I take a trip to see what treasure has been dumped by those who think of it as trash. On one such trip I found this little beauty that hangs in the hallway outside the girl's rooms. The shape is beautiful and it has a delicate molding around it. The molding was originally in gold but I re did it in white with hints of aqua. I like the way the detail recedes into the backgound and isn't the main focal point, as it was when gold.

Down in Many is a quirky little store called Neck of The Woods and only six weeks ago I found my next little gem. With an art deco feel this has such a natural beauty in the pink tinged mirror and mottle throughout.

So buoyed with excitement at building my collection I went back to my fave second hand shops at Long Jetty and boy did they deliver. Two mirrors in one trip and for absolute pennies!!! Both with scalloped edges they fit my collection perfectly.

These latest three now live propped up against the wall at the end of my hallway - I couldn't bear to tuck them away into a cupboard. I won't hang them as we are selling but can't wait to display them all together when we buy our new place.

Now that's a whole lot of mirrors for you- thank you for letting me share them with you. Whilst taking the photos of my mirrors I couldn't resist taking one of my sweet little cat, Lola. She was sat basking in the winter sun by the window and made such a pretty she is.

Now if you haven't seen my last post- please have a look at my favourite book of the moment with the most stunning images.

Enjoy the start to your week. xxx

The first three images via my Faded White Linen board on Pinterest and the rest are my own photos.



Simone - honeyandfizz said...

Snap! I have started a collection too! All from Neck of the Woods :) Just waiting to hang them and convince Simon of putting MORE holes in the walls xx


Hi Em,
thank you so much for all your lovely compliments on our book! I am so happy that you love it. And how amazing it is that someone in Australia found our book...

You have such a lovely blog, what beautiful vintage mirrors...
Thank you so much for stopping by, wish you a perfect week,
xoxo Mira!

Angela Steyn said...

Em, one word.... D.I.V.I.N.E! So lucky that mirrors are pure magic for doubling the space of a room - they will come in handy when we both live in houses the size of a pocket hanky!

Ang xxxxx

Zane Wooder said...

I love all the different shapes of the minors and the picture of your cat at the end.