Sunday, July 10, 2011

Slipcover Madness

Gosh what a busy week it's been. What with the normal four days at work it was Malia's third birthday on Tuesday so straight after work I scooped up my two chickens and we headed south to Sydney to spend the night at my parents. Malia got spoilt rotten but made me laugh - when asked what her favourite present was she replied that it was Dora...Dora was the wrapping paper - should have just given her a box of wrapping paper!

We also got an offer on the house which we've accepted! Am trying so hard to keep my excitement contained. We're in the cooling off period and there are still a couple of big hurdles to get through before we can pop the cork. So keep all your fingers and toes crossed and all being good in ten days time I'll have to start packing!

Whilst down in Sydney I visited a fabric shop to suss out what material to use for my slip covers I plan to sew for my sofas. Yes you read right- I'm going to have a crack at doing them myself. How hard can it be hey, my sofa's are square armed so it should just be a series of panels right?? Hmmm...I have a feeling it'll be a lot harder than that. To top that off the lady in the store has convinced me that if I am game enough to make the covers then I should do the piping too..HELP! So I'll keep you posted with my progress - first to measure it all up - Step one of my Slip Cover Challenge.

Have a lovely week.

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Angela Steyn said...

Madness indeed Miss Emma!!! But I'm secretly in awe of you even attempting such a project... you are the only person I know who could actually pull it off!


Lucy Upton said...

Congrats on the house Em! How exciting for you all. And good luck with the sofas!!!

Zane Wooder said...

Did you have any luck or did you stuck? It does sound harder then it looks.